Watch having its organized information systems and modern scientific methods aimed at data collection and processing in order to provide timely data and reliable information on the areas affected by the Network of Road Axes Western Greece and Peloponnese.

Specifically, the Observatory provides relevant information on the socio – economic, territorial and urban planning changes, transport systems, environmental impact and the effect of the areas affected by the construction and operation of the western axis.

Given that the process of the Observatory is fully in line with EU cohesion policy and the requirements of the programs and instruments of regional development, it is clear that a necessary condition for planning future measures concerning investment and development in Western Greece and the Peloponnese.

Recording of the construction phase

As reported, for the recording of the real impact of the construction road network of Western Greece and Peloponnese require systematic and progressive evaluation of the effects of such development projects as the construction progress. Logically, therefore, the Observatory in the first phase of operation to deal with the registration and provision of information on the progress of projects. In this context, the Observatory will provide information covering the following key areas. Specifically:

  • the current progress of the project,
  • in projects whose construction has been completed,
  • the projects that are in construction process
  • results indicators

One of the most basic functions of the Observatory is the calculation and processing of a system of indicators. Through the system of indicators to establish a continuous and regular basis the Observatory, the evolution of the main figures and results of the change during a year. This development and any changes are reflected in Reports Results. Moreover, the results for all indicators systematically processed and presented in the Press Statement, which will be available in printed and electronic form.

Specifically in the Press Statement provides information on the evolution of each indicator and full information for specialized processing of indicators per thematic and geographical segment, both text form and as in the form of tables. Finally, the results of the examination of the indicators associated with issues such as the accessibility of regions, the environmental impact, the mobility of human resources, etc. They will form the basis for the Trade Impact of the road network.

Reports – Presentations – Workshops

Watch, among other activities, will produce various reports to support development policies and programs. Through the exhibitions will be a brief description of the situation and the change of zones of influence, especially for areas of the Regions of which will pass the works and perpendicular to these axes. The ultimate purpose of the Impact Exhibition is the project as possible utilization to pay special attention to procedures for making political decisions on issues of transport infrastructure and regional development, by the responsible bodies.

At the same time, apart from the above reports the Observatory will give the special report. The Special reports have varied content, since it will focus on specific issues and geographical areas according to the requirements of each stakeholder

Finally, the Observatory makes the organization of information and scientific events. These events will include presentations, workshops, lectures, conferences, etc.

Surveys – Studies

So the impact of Roads Network with the huge growth range, the Observatory will systematically develop and scientifically based methods, surveys and studies with varied content effectively recorded.

Within these studies are expected in relation to the accessibility of the areas of influence of Road Axes Network where you recorded the most important transport facilities, industrial areas and places of tourist interest. Also, multiple interest will be conducting a study on the urban changes, freight transportation, business establishment, local markets etc.

Additionally, one of the many important activities of the Observatory is to develop research to support development policies and programs. In such cases, and in general, the Observatory can draw animate scientific potential of universities, research centers, public institutions and services, etc., enlarging thus the scope and interdisciplinary basis. The development of such actions and partnerships can effectively contribute to the training of ambitious and demanding investigations with a high degree of usability and of particular importance for defining design and implementation of policies at central and regional level with respect to the affected areas.


The Observatory is aimed at more accurate and valid information providing Newsletter and other information material, on a periodic basis. The Newsletter are available both in electronic and printed form. Specifically, through these Newsletter presented summaries of various reports drawn up by the Observatory, conference abstracts, presentations and workshops will be organized, results of the examination and treatment of specific indicators etc. The spatial effects, the progress of the projects, the impact on transport and tourist information for regions and prefectures crossing the roadway network, indicative as some of the issues to be presented to the Brochures.

Photographs, maps

Since the various tasks and measurements will occur and a remarkable photographs, maps etc.